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Print Audit

Why Do you Need a Print Audit?

  1.  Significantly reduced print cost
  2.  Increased impact of printed piece
  3.  Reduction of environmental footprint

Focus will carefully analyze all relevant information from each stage of your printing process to determine precisely where your print costs can be reduced and be better spent.

Because we are a one-stop shop, we take care of all the details. Making sure your files are correct, monitoring production quality and timelines.

We provide you with access to global paper markets; innovative methods of kitting and delivering; and, optimize each project’s effectiveness and impact.

The real question is: Can your company afford not to have one?

The Big Picture

Costs, Quality, Footprint

  1. Costs

    • Optimized gang runs
    • English & French printed together
    • Version specific timing – How much, how often?
    • Is the design cost-effective?
    • Sheet-size standardization
    • Stock origin – Euro vs. Domestic
    • Volume advance stock purchase
    • Bindery review
    • Master kits
    • Tax rebates
  2. Quality

    • Stock thickness
    • Stock brightness
    • Fold quality
    • Ink vs. can
    • Coatings: ultraviolet, varnish, aqueous
  3. Footprint

    • Recycled stock/SFI/FSC/PEFC
    • Reaching environmental standards
    • Soy-based ink
    • Vegetable-based ink
    • Print quality review
    • Is total quantity printed used?

On average, we save companies between 10% – 40% in yearly printing expenses

What we need from you

1. History

A copy of the invoice/PO for each print job over the past 12 months

2. Sample

If possible, a sample of each print job with relevant invoice/PO

3. Budget

Your company’s print budget for the ensuing 12 months

Download the Infographic

Download the Inforgraphic

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